Morphpologies    exhibition 

Tim Gruchy

Mais Wright Gallery, Sydney







Dissolving World

(long time)


(deep time)


(quantum time)

Herschel's Feedback

(back in time)





Morphologies     : Tim Gruchy

‘The ability to truly embrace change seems to elude humanity. Each of the works in this exhibition deals with change, from shifts in geological time, to forces of growth in the natural world, to the immediacy of realtime. These works consider changes in how we view ourselves, our relationship to the world/s around us and transmutations within these worlds. After a lifetime of creative practice mostly working outside the formal art world, not making objects and endeavouring to escape the literal and cultural frame of video, I now find myself embracing the challenge of exploring all these: another morphology. This exhibition traces five decades of making, from my early experimentations as a 18 year old with analogue reel-to-reel video tape in 1976 to mathematically generated imagery, machine learning and live video interactive technologies that I work with today.’

Photography by Tim Gruchy