Tim Gruchy

Wenzhou Bienalle
Wenzhou 2016

STORM is a standalone immersive interactive installation designed as a single user experience and themed around concepts of the human transition forward from it's current biological form, with attention to some of the processes and questions that this will throw up.

It probes, perturbs, resonates and ruminates around the biomorphology and relentless evolution of humans from our current increasingly redundant biological form into some imagining future. :





STORM : Stochastic Translator Of Resonant Morphologies : Tim Gruchy

Medical science examines, dissects,  analyses, understands and models the human body and its systems at continuously higher and higher resolutions.
At the same time our virtual selves are becoming more and more sophisticated as we increasingly engage with the digital world, through pervasive technologies, hyper-communication and social networks that relentlessly permeate so many aspects of our lives.
At some point in the future there will be a transubstantiation between these realms. Yet what of the soul?
There is a storm coming.
STORM explores some of these dynamics in a realtime interactive audio visual installation whose behaviour is intrinsically non-deterministic (stochastic). Using these combined mathematical and scientific visual and sonic generation principles, body sensing generates and moderates a highly resolute and complex visual display and soundscape.
STORM is a continuation of my interests and explorations that have manifest in my practice for decades.

Photography by Tim Gruchy