Tim Gruchy     featuring Michaela Bear





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Entanglement    : Tim Gruchy

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement informs how we might think about the relationship between ourselves and the world we inhabit. Entanglement tells us of the inextricable state of deep ensnarement in the mesh. Since the enlightenment, anthropocentrism has gradually divorced us from the very fabric of the world we inhabit. Recent global events have given us pause to reflect. To even imagine ourselves as outside the world we inhabit seems a folly. In his book from 2023 ‘The Entanglement’ the philosopher Alva Noë explores the inseparability of life, art, and philosophy, arguing that we have greatly underestimated what this entangled reality means for understanding human nature. He offers a new way of thinking about human nature, the limits of natural science in understanding the human, and the essential role of art and philosophy in trying to know ourselves. Our continuous struggle to understand ourselves and our relationship to the world and existence never ends.

Photography by Tim Gruchy