Kronenberg Mais Wright Gallery Sydney
26th Sept to 19th Oct 2019

Works x 4




Moving Mountains




Imminence : Tim Gruchy

Imminence is ‘the state or fact of being about to happen’. In common usage it often has a cast of impending disquiet or danger. Gruchy’s extensive and diverse body of work has always been focused on the future. Each of the works in this exhibition follows this idea of Imminence, not necessarily pessimistically, but certainly from the perspective of both questioning and looking intently at notions of change. Beauty Unbeauty explores the aesthetic values of so called Artificial Intelligence. Moving Mountains examines the imposition of culture and development into nature. Boasteel was conceived as a mirror work to Moving Mountains, observing nature reclaiming a post industrial site. Finally Work 01 exemplifies an era of degradation in the value of manual labour.

Photos by Tim Gruchy