Moving Mountains

by Tim Gruchy           Screen A - 11:53     Screen B - 10:40

Full length video of Screen A


Curators JD+
Zhu Jia Jiao 2018 

IMMINENCE    Kronenberg Mais Wright Gallery 2019

The Brothers Gruchy Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery : Queensland
14th Feb to 26th Apr 2020

Description : It is a non-synchronous two screen video The first screen is an extended landscape panorama that constantly morphs and mutates alluding to the changes taking place across and within the actual landscape. It utilises drone footage, panoramic camera arrays as well as standard still and video camera views. The second part is made up of a series of selected interviews with people from the area, wherein they respond to the question. Their replies traverse the philosophical landscape.       

Artist Statement  Mountains move us and we move mountains. Nature and mountains have long been the landscape of urban retreat, providing an idyll figuratively and imaginatively, simultaneously they are home to people who work with the land. What are the methodologies that set out to transform these very landscapes into a version of our idealised conception. Are these processes successful or even necessary? This work was made in Moganshan, a mountainous district with a long and rich history of rural culture and more recently as an urban escape. It is now feeling the pressure of development, much of it with a cultural inflection.The piece is also about duality and the constant push pull between the natural landscape and development, utilising a mirroring device to reflect and reflect upon this.This work poses the question ‘can art and culture improve nature’ without setting out to provide an answer.





Moving Mountains : Tim Gruchy


Video and stills by Tim Gruchy