Beauty Unbeauty

by Tim Gruchy                99 and 50 minutes   Single, 3 and 5 screen versions

IMMINENCE    Kronenberg Mais Wright Gallery 2019

FUTURE INTELLIGENCE  Tank Museum : Shanghai
Dec 2019

The Brothers Gruchy  Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery : Queensland
14th Feb to 26th Apr 2020

Artist Statement            The New Aesthetics puts into question whether AIs will or should share the same aesthetic values as humans. In this work I take the flower as a human fundamental representation of beauty. The originating set of flowers is drawn from my large personal photo library. Utilising the Deep Dreaming Generator my process then takes two paths. Firstly to beauty, secondly to unbeauty. These two sets of AI deep dreaming are then animated and juxtaposed in different ways to explore questions of the beautiful, how human and AI aesthetics are different yet also how they can work together.





Beauty Unbeauty : Tim Gruchy


Imminence at Kronenberg Mais Wright 2019

Future Intelligence, Tank Museum, Shanghai, 2019 

The Brothers Gruchy, BRAG, 2020

Video and stills by Tim Gruchy