Tim Gruchy

Kade's Cognition         Trish Clark Gallery Auckland

PORTAL is an interactive, multimedia, artwork that opens a window to an alternate parallel universe. An ever changing somewhat surreal place where mathematics rules, inhabited by an array of biomorphic life forms and sprites, it offers the audience a window into another world yet also allows them to summon and engage with life-forces and creatures within the space through hand gesture and sound. :





PORTAL : Porous Opening Real Time Alternate Link : Tim Gruchy

Quantum physics hypothesizes that there may be finite or infinite possible universes. A multiverse comprising the entirely of space, time and energy. Black holes, worm holes, string theory and the anthropic principle are some of the notions encompassed in this thinking. Thus other physical laws, constraints and life forms are all potentials.

PORTAL offers a poetic window to this possibility, encouraging the viewer to imagine beyond the constraints of the still largely dominant now outdated Newtonian way of how we think about our world and our place within it.

PORTAL from Tim Gruchy on Vimeo.


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All images by Tim Gruchy & Sam Hartnett