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Audio&Vision - Tim Gruchy 

Conductor - Tim Gruchy

Future Projections


Griffith Univertsity, Southbank, Brisbane

 Alethic (the modalities of truth) 'Possibly the most developed expression of my core practice to date!''

Built in three versions at 2k for 16:9, 6k for panoramic and 12k for full 360 degree immersion. 

@The Lab in 12k surround.  

@Psychedelia in 2k.  

Alethic is a live interactive performance of entirely original sound and vision. Gruchy plays an array of midi controllers but especially the unencumbered LEAP Motion interfaces that allow him to conduct sound and vision through hand movement and gesture. The music is a soundtrack of ambient dub and pysbient tracks combined with found vocals reflecting the philosophical theme. This vision is mostly mathematically generated combined with some real-time camera SFX The vision is scalable with version at 2k, 6k and 12k widths. Thus the work can be presented in a variety of modes.






Alethic-Future Projections


Stills by Mic Gruchy