Tim Gruchy & Lyonel Grant

Curator: Jeremy Hansen & Nigel Borrell

Britomart Satelite Site to Toi Tu Toi Ora : Auckland Art Gallery
5 Dec to 9 Mar 2021



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SCOUT-Wawata Hohonu

Lyonel Grant has collaborated with Tim Gruchy, the creator of SCOUT, the 2012 work in Takutai Square that takes a range of environmental data and uses artificial intelligence paridigms to translate that into ever-changing images on a vertical LED screen for Toi Tu Toi Oraís satellite site at Britomart, Lyonel and Tim have devised SCOUT-Wawata Hohonu , a process that introduces images of Lyonelís carvings as the foundation of SCOUTís deep dreaming process.


Photos by David St George and Russ Flatt