Performance 4A, Darwin Festival and Griffin Theatre Co

Darwin Festival, Adeladie OZ Asia Festival 2014, Stables Theatre Sydney 2015

2014 / 2015

Darwin (Browns Mart Theatre), Adelaide (Festival Centre), Sydney (Stables Theatre)

Murakami - Through a Distant Lens is a play set around the real life history of Japanese-Australian photographer Yaskichi Murakami.

Written by Mayu Kanamori

Directed by Malcolm Blayloc

Visual Designer Mic Gruchy 

This premiere production developed over years by photographer and artist Mayu Kanamori. Kanamori goes in search of the missing photographs of Yasukichi Murakami - a Japanese-Australian photographer, entrepreneur and inventor, who lived in northern Australia from 1897 until his internment in 1941 - in order to tell the largely forgotten story of the early Japanese in Australia. Utilising photographic and video projections, sound design, live music and actors, photographs come to life in a conversation between a photographer from the past and one from the present..


The visual design by Mic Gruchy is particularly strong, and almost immersive, with both photographers’ works projected onto a full wall of the SBW Stables Theatre BEN NEUTZE 



"Murakami - Through a Distant Lens"