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Audio&Vision - Tim Gruchy 

Performer - Tim Gruchy

Thanks to Max Brading & Oscar Lewis for tech support

The Lab, Adelaide


Full Length Video-link 

Alethic (the modalities of truth) "Possibly the most developed expression of my core practice to date!"                            

Built in three versions at 2k for 16:9, 6k for panoramic and 12k for full 360 degree immersion. 

@Psychedelia in 2k.  

@GUAM in 2k.  

I see my extensive creative career as an exploration. What has always been present is the nexus of sound, vision and body movement. Utilising new emergent technologies and seeking new ways to express my endeavours and contexts has been key. Across the decades this has embraced activities in many areas of the arts and creative practice, especially club culture, performance, dance, opera, theatre and urban sculpture and projection, while musically this has encompassed an array of modalities. In the 1980s this found expression in experimental electronic music and electro percussive sound, in the 1990s hard techno, and more recently power ambient and ambient dub. I describe my practice as in the realm of IMIME (Immersive Multi-Media Interactive Multi-User Environments). Alethic-01 is the first version of a new framework for ongoing endeavours - working towards immersive, emotive, sonic and visual experiences for audiences around themes that interest me, in this instance politics, technoculturalism and futurism The project evolved continuously while working on many parallel projects in Australia and internationally. The text interspersions are sound bites from writers who were formative in my discovery of the world in the 1970s. In the original conception and publicity for Alethic there was to be a highly interactive dance component featuring my long term collaborator SBX3. Unfortunately once again she is locked down in Melbourne and thus these parts of the work are not present. Version 02 perhaps? Life and the human condition is complicated. I hope you find something of pleasure or interest or intrigue in this work. You may, you may not. But thank you for taking the time to find out. The exploration continues. Be immersed.

QUOTES…………………………………. “A sumptuous visual and aural feast. I didn’t know where to look a lot of the time, but wherever I did look there was so much to see (and hear). Some of the passages of material were really gorgeous. My tastes veer to the minimal, so I enjoyed those passages the most (eg: the more abstract and geometric sequences). It was all very buzzy - a bit like being in somebody else's dream-state (which one of the sampled voices referred to).” Prof Simon Biggs | Director: South Australian School of Art Professorial Lead: Research Education | Creative Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments University of South Australia 

“Alethic 01 was an immersive wonderland, a trip without the chemicals, a delight for all the senses.” Geoff Cobham : Bluebottle Lighting : Artistic Director Patch Theatre

“What a special night at The Lab. An hour of total immersion, equivalent to a deep dive, tight, rhythmic, with high octane visual stimulation & a brilliant musical score. I loved the freedom to explore ideas which the performance ( & it felt like a performance, with Tim such an integral part & the “ hand of the Creator” a beautiful interplay) allowed. What a privilege to be in the audience.” Susan Armitage 

“Alethic arrives like a balm in our turbulent times. An immersive trip into sound and image from one of Australia’s leading artists working in digital media.” Garry Stewart : Director Australian Dance Theatre









Video and stills by Oscar Lewis