Auckland Art Week

2013 October 17th


Live musical performance with SCOUT interactive AV accompaniment

Music : Tim Gruchy & James Pinker


SCOUT : LIVE  is a live performance by myself and James Pinker. Primarily it utilises the original sound elements we created for SCOUT the installation. These we recompose live through the performance. A number of other elements have also been added.
First and foremost is the addition of beats none of which appear in the original soundscapes. There are also some contextual found samples.
In performance James is triggering and moulding all the rhythmic elements plus some other layers.
I am triggering and live mixing a range of other components, typically up to seven per section.
There are eight sections to the work that progress and evolve fairly seamlessly.
I am using a new interface called Leap Motion, much like the theremin of old it allows me to control and manipulate certain parameters through hand and arm movements, but in a highly resolute and gestural recognising way. This has a direct relationship to my earlier work in the 80s and 90s with the Mandala system as seen best in Synthing.
I also like it's relationship to the classical musical conductor.
The third performer in this is SCOUT herself.
This happens in two ways.
She is listening to what James and I are doing and responding with sounds and visuals as well as responding to direct audience input be it touch or audio.
These responses are in the same realm as her day to day responses but heightened considerably by the placement of our PA system.
On this occasion I purposely chose not to directly control SCOUT in any way beyond her usual interface.
James and I have been working in the studio on soundscapes for various art projects for around 6 years now since having originally met as touring band members on Big Day Out in 1996. This performance marks our first foray into live performance together and we intend it to be the first of many.

SCOUT : LIVE  - Tim Gruchy & James Pinker