by Tim Gruchy

Interactive Istallation

An interactive installation posited as an experimental compositional tool for sound and vision. Via the unencumbered interface of a video camera, users can navigate a series of scenes each of which explores a different modality of musical composition and physical movement.

SYNTHING - a cybernetic artwork exists within the framework of body movement controlling sound and vision. The audience is presented with a visual reality that speaks its own language. The dialogue of Synthing communicates a new discourse, reality now, not just a virtual future promise. The interactor/s dance through a series of scenes, determining events as they go. The outcome of each scene is navigated by the behaviour of its performers, this in turn elicits different musical moods and visual styles. - cowbell - is only one scene from within its cornucopia of delights. SYNTHING is a result of years of exploratory work across the disciplines and challenges notions and expectations of what is art. "The Synthing concept puts expressive and energetic body movement in front of a video camera interface, to create a stunning and engaging interplay of music and images within the framework of a cyber medium .. a Synaesthetic compositional tool " says Gruchy Synthing as the navigational real time instrument presents possibilities and opportunities for anyone to genuinely interact. Like a lot of Gruchy's work it can manifest itself as both installation and performance. It is a direct continuation from Gruchy's last piece "Space over Time" that had a very successful series of showings, including the "State of the Image" show in Antwerp 1993 .





Synthing : Tim Gruchy


Video and stills by Tim Gruchy