by Tim Gruchy                .

Dreams Unlimited: The Third International Public Art Invitational Exhibition of Hangzhou Bay New Zone (Ningbo, China) 2020

COVID delayed but in fabrication June 2020.       


Artist Statement            JOURNEY covers two conceptual terrains, our passage through the phases of life and memory. It represents an allegory of the stages of human life: childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age. This is inextricably linked with, overlaid and juxtaposed with memory. Memory past and possible future memories. Palinopsia is the sensation whereby a visual disturbance causes images to persist to some extent even after their corresponding stimulus has left. Memory behaves in a similar way and this work, as an interactive screen-based sculptural work JOURNEY captures and distorts imagery of the user into a dynamic and shifting screenscape.




JOURNEY : Tim Gruchy


Pre-Visualistation fro Ningbo 2019

Marquette, Ningbo 2020

Marquette, Ningbo 2020

Pre-Visualisation, Connell's Bay, New Zealand 2013


Video and stills by Tim Gruchy