Shanghai: Metaview 2010

Tim Gruchy

Invisible City

South Shanghai Metro Station / Fine Arts Dept Shanghai University

6th to 30th September 2010

Curator . Dan Wang

6 x lightboxes

Invisible City is an exhibition comprising of eight International artists in the South Railway Metro Station in Shanghai. It coincides with the World Expo 2010, incorporate art interventions and addressing the relationship between the urban dwellers and the modern phenomenon of Shanghai at the specific time the World Expo, through a process shaped by research, educational programmes and artistic practices.


Participating Artists: Aline Veillat(CH), Anna Boggon(UK), Bignia Wehril(CH),
Gao Fu Yan( CN), Tim Gruchy(NZ), Jin Jiang Bo(CN), Li Xiao Fe(CN), Luo Ming Jun(CH)

Sponsored by Shanghai Shen Tong Metro Group Corporation, Shanghai Public Art Creative Centre and the Fine Art College of Shanghai University







Shanghai: Metaview 2010 - Tim Gruchy







Photos by Tim Gruchy & Dan Wang